Common Myths About Dogs Busted

Even with tons of scientifically-backed information about dog care and behavior, there are pet owners who still believe certain myths about man’s best friend. Responsible pet owners should learn as much as they can when it comes to their pet’s care and wellbeing, and learn to separate myths from facts.

Myth-busting: Licking of wounds

Dogs lick broken skin or wounds to promote healing and gain relief from the pain and discomfort. A small amount of licking of a minor wound has been demonstrated to help promote healing of the skin that are facilitated by enzymes that are found in the dog’s saliva, but excessive licking can certainly make the problem worse. The possibility of introducing infectious microorganisms into the wound is always present. There is also the problem of irritating the wound and not giving it a chance to heal on its own.

This is why dogs are often sent home wearing an Elizabethan collar after undergoing some veterinary procedures to prevent them from licking their wound. For more animal care tips, visit your vet.


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