Tips To Help Ease Your Dog Out Of Hiccups

Some dogs can experience frequent bouts of hiccups. While most of fits of hiccups eases up without any medication, there are some interventions that you can undertake at home to alleviate your dog’s hiccups, especially if it has become bothersome for your pet, or has been going for a considerable length of time.

But if your dog seems to be experiencing frequent bouts of hiccups, or when there are also other symptoms present, you should have your pet checked by your Pet Care veterinarian. Surgical intervention may be needed in extremely rare cases of hiccups.

  • Refill your pet’s water bowl with fresh clean water and offer it to your dog. Encourage him to drink but never force him to drink. Putting in some honey or Maple syrup may entice your dog to drink.

  • A light massage of the dog’s chest, right at the bottom of the diaphragm has also been shown to alleviate hiccups.

  • Try “shocking” your pet dog out of his hiccups. Use a squeaky toy to surprise him.


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