Obvious Signs of Stress in Pet Birds

Birds are extra sensitive compared to dogs and cats. They are incapable of dealing with stressors. Bird owners should learn to recognize stress symptoms in their pets before complications can set in, making it harder to address. There is also a need to exert more effort in maintaining an ideal environment where your pet can thrive well.

Here are common signs of stress in birds:

  • Appearance of ‘stress bars’

The appearance of stress bars on the feathers is one of the most common indicators of stress in pet birds. Stress bars appear like small horizontal lines that run across the shaft of feathers.

  • Display of aggressive behavior

Stressed birds are prone to sudden displays of aggressive behavior such as biting, excessive screaming, lunging, and even hissing.

  • Display of fearful behavior

A bird that is exposed to certain stressors in their immediate environment may suddenly act nervous or anxious when you or other members of the household are around. This is most noticeable in birds that are normally comfortable with handling and interaction.

  • Destructive Behavior

Destructive behavior may be triggered by extreme stress.

Visit this link for more animal care tips.


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