Do You Know What Your New Cat Needs?

Having a pet means committing time, allocating a monthly budget, visits to the vet, outdoor excursions, as well as dealing with fleas, ticks, and other health issues that commonly affect pets. So before you bring home a new pet, make sure that you have carefully considered the entire ‘package’ that comes with having a pet.

Regular visits to the vet

Pet cats need to be taken to the veterinarian for health checks at least once or twice a year. But kittens and senior cats may need to visit the vet more frequently; kittens to complete their vaccines, and senior cats for regular monitoring of age-related health issues.


Pets thrive with a balanced and nutritious diet. Cats are carnivores and their diet should primarily be composed of meat-based sources. Cats placed on a vegetarian diet have been shown to have higher risks for developing nutritional deficiencies and illness. Schedule an appointment here.


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