Exotic Pets Can Have Strange Food Cravings

Most exotic pets eat foods that are commercially formulated, but there are strange foods that they find appealing and nutritionally beneficial.


Different species of insects such as crickets, mealworms, roaches, and superworms are all appealing to many exotic pets. But avoid giving insects that are caught from the wild because they may harbor disease and parasites. Make sure that insects have been gut-loaded with additional nutrients before they are fed to exotic pets.


Mice and rats are also raised to be given as food to pet reptiles, some species of exotic cats, and ferrets.

Raw meat

Raw meat is an essential component in the diet of carnivorous exotic pets such as alligators, large exotic cats and dogs.


Nectar is a dietary essential of some bird species, in addition to fruits, vegetables, and pellets. There are nectar preparations in powder form that can be bought and just reconstituted with water before being given to pet birds. For more Pet Health Tips, click the link.


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