Tips To Curb Excessive Territorial Barking

Barking comes naturally for dogs; they bark to express themselves and to communicate. But there are instances when a dog barks more than usual, which can be a nuisance not only to the owner but for the entire neighborhood. One common cause of excessive barking in dogs is their strong territorial instincts.

Excessive barking should be addressed immediately before it can become more serious and difficult to deal with.

Some ways to control excessive bark:

Use of training collars (Shock Collars)

Many animal rights activists view the use of shock collars as inhumane but the collar does not really give a dog a “shock”. The collar can be triggered to emit a mild static in response to barking or any unacceptable behavior. The intensity of the static also depends on the size of the dog wearing it.


Boredom is a common reason for excessive barking in dogs. If your dog is left home alone during the day, you should consider getting somebody who can take your pet out for walks or to visit the dog park. Positive reinforcement is very important and you should be quick and generous when your pet refrains from barking in specific situations. Visit their site for more details.


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