Tips To Help Achieve Litter Box Training Success

Litter box problems are often among the most common reasons many cats are abandoned or surrendered to animal shelters by their owners. However, these unfortunate turn of events would have not taken place if cat parents simply followed some basic guidelines.

Proper location of the litter box

Cats like to do their thing in peace – without any distraction or potential threats. The litter box must be located in an area with less household traffic. It must offer privacy as well as possible escape routes to a cat using t. The litter box should also be easily accessible, but not near areas where they eat their meals.

If you have a multi-pet household, make sure your pet dog has no access whatsoever to the litter box.

Also, it should not be placed near areas where there is a lot of noise like the family room or laundry room. Sudden noise from the washing machine or furnace can frighten your kitty while he is doing his business. Visit this link to know more:


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