Tips to Stop Your Pet Cats From Fighting

Cats are natural predators, and even with domestication, certain feline behaviors continue to be manifested. One of these is fighting with other cats. If cats in a multi-cat household engage in constant fighting and aggressive behavior, the pet owner should take steps to identify the underlying reason why the cats keep on fighting. This is the best way to stop the undesired behavior.

Feline behavior is quite complex and you won’t be able to have answers overnight. You may have to apply several techniques to deal with the problem before you can find the one that works best.

There are a variety of reasons why cats fight. The arrival of a new cat, a young cat has reached sexual maturity and is in heat, or when moving to a new home and giving your cats free rein to mark and establish new territories.

Male cats that have not been neutered often show hormone-fueled behavior such as aggression when they reach puberty. Aggression between cats is also seen when competing for mates, or during territorial encounters. Spaying and neutering cats is the first step toward eliminating this aggressive behavior. There are also pheromone products that can help reduce displays of aggressive behavior. Read more here.


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