Does Your Cat Exhibit Rolling Fits?

Have you seen your cat rolling on the ground, thrashing back and forth while on his back and meowing persistently? This can alarm pet owners who think their cat is having a fit or has developed a nervous problem.

When your pet engages in the behavior, it is a good idea to take note of the time, location, and certain circumstances that may trigger the behavior. These details will go a long way in deciphering your pet’s seemingly weird behavior. With persistent observation, you will soon know that certain routines in the household can elicit the behavior. Also, some cats display the behavior when exposed to catnip.

For dogs, rolling on their back is a submissive gesture, but in cats, the behavior is one way to get the attention of their owner. Rolling around on the floor or ground is also a way to spread their signature scent; so it’s no wonder that you may see your furball rubbing his head and cheeks on the floor. Ask your veterinarian to know more.


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