Pets And Kids – Safety Tips for Children

Puppies and even adult dogs never fail to fascinate kids. If you share your home with a pet dog, you should show your kids how to treat and handle pets properly, and make them understand why dogs in general engage in certain behaviors. When your kids know how to deal with your pets properly, they will also know what to do when they meet someone else’s pet.

Kids should know this useful Animal Care information so they will learn how to behave when they meet a strange dog.

  • If there is a dog behind a fence or inside his crate, kids should be taught NEVER to insert their fingers or hands inside to pat the dog. You should tell your kids about how dogs are extremely territorial and won’t hesitate to nip or bite an animal or person whom he thinks is threatening his territory, as well as his food or things.

  • When a mean dog approaches your child barking and baring his fangs, teach him to back away slowly but never run, because this may only cause the dog to chase him.

  • Also, never look a dog straight in the eyes because canines see this as a threatening or challenging gesture.

Portrait of a boy and his dog.


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