Baby Teeth In Kittens

Did you know that when kittens are born they already have a complete set of baby teeth that are gradually lost and replaced by permanent teeth as they mature? Cat parents should have an idea when baby teeth is replaced by permanent teeth so they can monitor their pets for sore gums, retained teeth, and other concerns associated with the transition.

The first set of teeth is composed of 26 teeth, and is called “milk teeth”, primary teeth, or deciduous teeth. Milk teeth start to erupt through the gums as the kitten enters their 3rd week of life. All milk teeth are usually visible by the kitten’s 6th week of age.

As kittens enter their 3rd and 4th month, milk teeth is gradually shed off. It is also during this time that the permanent set of adult teeth starts erupting through the gums. In a way, erupting of adult teeth and shedding off of milk teeth occurs almost simultaneously. Incisors are often the first to be shed off followed by canine teeth.

At about 6 months old, the adult set of teeth is complete. It is composed of 30 teeth, because 4 molars have been added. Visit your Pets Health vet to know more.


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