Feeding Pet Sugar Gliders

Sugar gliders are omnivores, meaning they thrive with a diet that has both meat and plant components. In their natural habitat, they eat many types of insects, spiders, nectars, tree gums, and saps. Without adequate access to suitable food sources, sugar gliders can end up developing various nutritional problems. This is common among sugar gliders that are kept as pets.

Two common nutritional problems that sugar gliders are prone to include:

  • Low calcium level (Hypocalcemia)

To prevent hypocalcemia, insects that are fed to a sugar glider should be gut-loaded with a diet that is rich in calcium. In general, insects contain low amounts of calcium, thus there is a need for special calcium supplementation before they are given to pet sugar gliders.

  • Obesity

Despite their name, sugar gliders won’t do well with a high-sugar diet. They can easily pile on the pounds and become more prone to obesity-related problems. A sugar glider’s diet should be rich in protein to promote health and wellbeing.


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