Important Reasons NOT to Declaw Pet Cats

A cat’s scratching behavior can become so strong that many cat parents become so frustrated with their pet. This can cause them to entertain thoughts of having their pets declawed. But before you decide to have your pet undergo the procedure, you should be aware that there are other options. Declawing is an irreversible procedure. There are also other important reasons why you should NEVER have your pet cat declawed.

  • Declawing is a major surgical procedure that involves the removal of the first joint of the toes.

  • Declawing does not offer benefits to a cat’s health and behavior.

  • When a cat is declawed, he has just lost his primary weapon for defense. Even if your cat is an indoor-only pet, he will still need his claws to defend himself against a bigger cat, a dog, or a predator. Yes, he can use his teeth to bite or nip an adversary, but this means the enemy has to be close enough for the cat to use his teeth as a weapon.

  • Cats that underwent declawing will suffer extreme pain and discomfort for several weeks and even months after surgery. In fact, cats behave erratically as they suffer from the agonizing pain. Visit your veterinarian to learn more.


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