Keeping Your Chinchilla Comfortable Around a Dog

Chinchillas are relatively large critters, especially when you consider the fact that they’re relatives of smaller rodents, like hamsters and rats. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re any better able to defend themselves. They’re still prey animals in the wild!

Because chinchillas don’t have very many defenses, they can feel uncomfortable around other animals, especially large, loud ones, like canines. If you share your home with both of these pets, it’s important to make sure your smaller furry friend is comfortable.

Cage placement

The best thing you can do for your chinchilla, according to a professional vet clinic, is to get the cage placement just right.

First, place the cage up off the floor where your dog can’t reach. If he can’t reach the cage, your chinchilla will automatically feel more confident.

The type of cage you choose is important too. Because chinchillas are so large, they can technically live in cages with bars that are spread further apart. The trouble is, the further the bars are spread, the easier it is for your dog to reach and put his paw between the bars of the cage.

With the right cage placed up high off the ground, you can put your chinchilla’s mind at ease, but if you really want to make your furry little friend feel more comfortable, you should keep your dog out of that room altogether. If your pocket pet can’t see or hear your canine companion, he’ll be happier.

Bringing your chinchilla out to play

Many different animals can be introduced to a dog, but it’s not a good idea to introduce your smaller pet to your canine companion, especially if he’s large. They tend to treat these small critters like one of their toys. After all, chinchillas are soft and furry like one of their stuffed animals!

That means, when you bring your chinchilla out to play, you should do it in a room with the door shut so your dog can’t get in. The only exception would be if you have a very small breed that is very lazy, like a pug. Even then, you have to provide your animals with constant supervision.

Keeping your chinchilla comfortable in your home can greatly affect his health for the better. For help keeping your furry little friend happy, plan a visit to your local vet clinic.


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