Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Bedding for Guinea Pigs

A soft bedding inside the enclosure of guinea pigs helps protect their sensitive feet from cuts and bruises. Beddings for enclosures are not created equal; choose one that possess excellent absorbency and can effectively absorb undesirable odors. Some bedding choices that are ideal for cavies include paper, fleece, and wood shavings.

Paper bedding

Paper-based beddings are available in a variety of color, texture, strength of absorbency, and the amount of dust produced. They are packed tightly, but expand when removed from their packaging and placed inside the enclosure. Many cavy owners choose paper bedding for their pets because it’s not messy and it also easier to clean. But since it’s lightweight, it can easily fly around. Paper bedding is more expensive compared to wood chips but its absorbent and odor control properties are much more satisfactory.

Fleece bedding

Fleece is a relatively new type of bedding used in guinea pig cages. If you’re going to use fleece for your pet’s enclosure, make sure it’s pre-treated and has an appropriate under layer. Fleece is often used to line C&C (coroplast and cubes) enclosures. Learn more, visit the given link.


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