Bearded Dragon as Pets

Bearded dragons are moderate-sized lizards; they can make ideal pets for first-time reptile owners. But one thing to keep in mind is that their dietary needs are quite complex and they also have special environmental requirements. There is also a need to invest in special equipment in order to create the right environment for them.

The inland bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps) is the most common type being raised as pets. Distinctive spines line their throat. The spines lie flat when the dragon is calm and relaxed. But when there is perceived threat or danger, the dragon’s throat expands causing the spines to stand up, making them appear more intimidating.

In general, bearded dragons that are kept as pets are docile; displays of aggression are rarely seen when they are given proper care and handling. They are social creatures and will tolerate handling when they experience frequent handling and interaction. Bearded dragons show their affectionate side when they greet their owners by waving, that is, lifting their front leg and making a somewhat circular motion. To know more, give your vet a call.


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