Care Tips For Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are also commonly called ‘cavies’. These small rodents are popular pets; many pet owners like their quiet nature and for their being low-maintenance pets.  Cavies are social creatures; as such, they are better kept in the same enclosure with other guinea pigs. A group of guinea pigs is called a “colony”.

Cavies can be very vocal and display a wide range of calls. Early handling and interaction can help tame cavies and make them more tolerant to frequent handling.

Being rodents and herbivores, they need a constant supply of grass or grass hay. They need to keep chewing on grass or roughage in order to prevent their teeth from growing too long. Take note that the teeth of rodents never stop growing throughout their lives.

Giving a wide variety of food while your pet cavy is still very young will make them more open to trying out new types of food as they grow. Variety will also guarantee a steady supply of essential vitamins and minerals that are important for your pet’s health and wellbeing. Ask your vet for animal care tips.


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