Ways Pocket Pets Display Submissive Behavior

Pocket pets engage in distinct behavior to show submission to a more dominant member of the group. Here are some common behaviors that are displayed to show dominance and submissiveness:

Guinea Pigs

Mounting is one way by which guinea pigs show dominance. A male may mount another male, or a female will mount another female. It is the dominant one that mounts the submissive cavy. Fights usually break out when a male cavy mounts another male cavy so you should keep a close eye for any signs of aggressive behavior.


When a dominant dwarf hamster chases another hamster, the submissive one will stand up when cornered to show submission. The dominant hamster will then lick the belly of the submissive hamster. Other ways to show submission is by screaming and flipping on their backs.


Rabbits show submission by crouching down and trying to make himself appear as small as possible.

To learn more, contact your Pet Care veterinarian.


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