Bloodhounds Are More Than Just Their Excellent Sense Of Smell

Bloodhounds are also popular for a variety of reasons and not only for their exceptional sense of smell. They have been originally bred to work, and even as pets they will need lots of physical activity every day so they will have positive avenues to burn off excess energy. This being said, they won’t do well as apartment dogs.

They can do well in a multi-pet household and make excellent pets for families with children. But kids have to be taught how to handle the dog and should understand canine behaviors. Take note that interactions between your pet and kids should be supervised at all times.

Another thing that you have to deal with when you have a bloodhound is shedding and slobber. Brushing their hair coat once or twice a week will keep their coat clean and tangle-free while reducing hairs that are shed off on the ground or floor. Hand towels or baby wipes on hand will help deal with your pet’s drooling. Give your vet a call for additional knowledge.


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