Is Tethering Dogs OK?

The practice of tethering is often viewed by many animal rights as cruel and inhumane. When a dog is tied or tethered to an anchor by his leash or chain, it limits his movement to a specific area. If it is really necessary to tether your dog, you may do so but only as a temporary way to restrain or secure him. Pet dogs are tethered to prevent them from going near or getting into situations that are dangerous for them. It is also one way to prevent a dog from straying, especially in an unfamiliar place. Tethering working dogs is also practiced in many farms. But one important thing to remember is that tethered dogs have a higher possibility of getting tangled and injured.

A dog that is not used to being tethered won’t hesitate to bark and howl to show his displeasure. Make sure that your Pet Care is used to being tethered before you leave him even for a short time.


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