Ways to Avoid Litter Box Odor

Litter box maintenance is a task that many cat owners have to do on a daily basis. Preventing litter box odors starts with selecting the right litter box. More often than not, owners choose a litter box based on their preferences, rather than what their pet actually needs.

Common types of litter boxes

  • Metal Litter Box

Smell sticks strongly to plastic, so a metal litter box will significantly help reduce odor concerns. Even with soap and water, it is often impossible to completely get rid of the distinct smell in plastic litter boxes.

  • Disposable litter box

Disposable litter boxes can be thrown away when they get soiled, long before they have a chance to absorb undesirable odor.

  • Odor-resistant litter box

Some litter boxes have a built-in odor control system. Most are made of plastic and have antimicrobial material that prevents growth of bacteria.

  • Automatic litter box

An automatic litter box is a simple solution to pet owners who hate having to deal with scooping the litter box contents several times throughout the day. For more details, visit your vet.


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