Tips To Help Prevent Constipation in Pet Dogs

While constipation is not really a serious problem, affected dogs can suffer from pain and discomfort. Here are some ways to prevent or reduce bouts of constipation in dogs:

  • Diet that is rich in fiber

Fiber acts as a laxative by enhancing the movement of waste materials along the gastrointestinal tract. Extra fiber in the diet can also help ensure regular elimination sans the pain and straining.

  • Adequate water intake

Make sure that your pet has access to fresh clean water anytime he wants to drink. Inadequate water intake can be an important predisposing factor of constipation. It can also lead to dehydration. Water is one of the basic nutrients that dogs need, and if your pet does not get enough of it every day, it can increase his susceptibility to various medical conditions.

  • Exercise

Regular exercise is a basic need of dogs. One of the its positive effects to the dog’s body is improve digestion and elimination. For more details, give your vet a call.


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