Tips To Prevent Anaphylactic Shock In Cats

Anaphylactic shock happens when the body undergoes an exaggerated reaction to a foreign substance (i.e. allergen), such as insect saliva or toxin, or certain medications. The hypersensitive reaction generally occurs within minutes of being exposed to the allergen. An anaphylactic shock is triggered by the overstimulation and over-activity of the immune system.

Identifying the allergen and preventing or reducing your cat’s exposure to the substance is the only way to protect your pet from developing an anaphylactic shock. But this can be particularly difficult if the owner does not have any clue what his pet is allergic to.

There are cases when anaphylactic shock can occur on initial exposure to an allergen. A cat that has been through an anaphylaxis episode will tend to continue to have hypersensitive reactions each time it’s exposed to the offending allergen. Anaphylactic reactions are medical crises and affected pets should be taken to the nearest veterinary emergency facility immediately. Without prompt veterinary attention, affected cats can deteriorate rapidly. In fact, some cases can be fatal.


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