Wasp Stings Can Be Deadly In Dogs

When bees attack, their sting becomes embedded on the animal’s body surface; but for wasps, it’s a different story. They don’t lose their stinger and thus are able to sting their victim many times in succession. Each sting is capable of injecting venom into the surrounding areas, which makes wasps more dangerous than bees.

Some dogs are extremely susceptible to anaphylactic shock, and even a single sting can be fatal, depending on the part of the body where they are stung. When your dog is stung by a wasp, you should both move away from the area as fast as possible; this is a precaution just in case a wasp nest is nearby.

When you find the sting, the first thing you need to do is to remove it.  But make sure to do it properly or else more venom may be squeezed into the surrounding tissues. Using tweezers is not advisable; it’s better to use a credit card or something with an edge that you can use to scrape across the spot to remove the stinger. A knife or a long fingernail can also be used for the purpose. Bee stings have a sac, while wasp stings are more cone-shaped and have barbs. Read more here.


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