Obese Cats And Dogs Are Prone To Anal Skin Rash

Cats and dogs that are carrying excess weight are often unable to reach and keep their back-ends free from dirt. Without any intervention or help from their owners, they will eventually suffer from skin rashes that can become oozing and painful. This is quite common in long-haired cats or dogs that don’t receive regular grooming help. Open sores create a favorable environment for secondary bacterial infection, which can be a challenge to treat.

Long-haired cats or dogs with diarrhea may also have a soiled behind. Poop can accumulate around their bottoms, which can give off a foul odor. Owners who are too busy to regularly inspect their pet’s body closely may soon realize that there is a problem when the skin rashes have worsened and the stink starts to be more pronounced. When this occurs, the animal is now suffering from the pain and discomfort brought about by the skin rashes; the location also makes it difficult to clear up and treat. Consult your pets’ health care for more details.


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