Some Reasons Why Senior Cats Loss Their Appetite

One common problem that many pet owners of senior cats have to deal with is a pet that has become more finicky with their food choices. Loss of appetite can eventually lead to weight loss and poor body condition.

Senior cats also tend to become more sedentary which can eventually result in loss of muscle mass. Your pet will need some form of physical activity that is appropriate for their age.

Another important change that can occur as cats enter their golden years is a significant decline in the sharpness of their senses. In general, the taste buds of cats are not really very sensitive, so they rely on their sense of smell to know whether their meal is tasty. When their sense of smell deteriorates, your cat may turn up his nose at meals that he once loved. Experts recommend heating canned pet food for a few seconds in the microwave because it can enhance its flavor and aroma. Visit this site for more Animal Health Tips.


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