Why Do Pet Cats Love To Groom Their Humans?

Some pet cats have taken to grooming their humans, especially those whom they have bonded with. Behavior experts have tried deciphering this endearing kitty behavior, and these are what they have come up so far:

  • It creates and strengthens social bonds. In fact, cats that groom each other get along well even if they’re not related. Grooming each other is an avenue to exchange scents as well as clean certain spots of the body that are hard to reach, like the inside of the ears and the top of the head.

  • Licking a person is a cat’s way of showing he is comfortable and secured in that person’s presence. This is also a cat’s way of acknowledging that person as a part of the family.

Grooming others can create feelings of comfort and calm; this is a reason why stressed or anxious cats may engage in the habit. Ask your vet for more details.


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