Protecting your Pet Cat’s Eyes

Do you know why kittens are born with their eyes closed? Their eyes are very sensitive, that is why they remain close until a week or two after birth. This will also give enough time for the sensitive tissues of the eyes to develop. Even as adults, the eyes of cats remain to be very sensitive. Here are precautionary measures to help keep your pet’s eyes protected:

  • Ask your vet for an ophthalmic ointment that can be applied to your pet’s eyes before he is given a bath.

  • When applying shampoo, avoid your pet’s eyes. And use of a no-tear shampoo is highly recommended.

  • When you’re spraying chemicals inside your home, make sure to bring your pet outdoor away from the fumes.

  • Children should be taught not to poke the cat’s eyes; also sticks and sharp objects should not be used when playing around with cats.


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