Best Diets For Bearded Dragons

Just like dogs and cats, bearded dragons need a diet that is appropriate for their age. They are omnivores, and thus need both meat and plant-based ingredients in their diet.  The basal diet of adults should have more plant components than insects. Adult beardies won’t need as much protein as young ones because they are fully grown.

On the other hand, juvenile bearded dragons need more animal-based protein to satisfy their requirements for growth and development. Their basic diet should have more live insects than vegetables. A young bearded dragon can eat as many as 50 crickets or other types of live insects per day.

Avoid feeding insects that are captured from the garden or home as the danger of having pesticide residues always exist. Make sure that you only get live insects from reputable suppliers. You can ask other pet owners for recommendations. Consult your pets’ health care to know more.


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