Why Cats Change Colors

Have you noticed that a cat’s hair coat can change colors? Actually, there are a variety of reasons why their hair coat takes on certain hues.

Melanocytes are special cells in the skin and hair follicles. They are primarily responsible for skin and hair color, which is determined genetically. This explains why some cats have dark-colored hair coats, while there are those with lighter ones. There are also the albinos that lack any skin or hair pigment.

The production and release of the pigment that is responsible for the color depends on the action of an enzyme, which is highly dependent on the temperature.

One common breed of cat where the coloration patterns of the hair depends to a large extent on temperature is Siamese cats. Hairs are lighter in color on the warmer parts of their body, while it’s lighter in their face, tail, feet, and tips of the ears because these areas are cooler than the rest of the cat’s body.

Sudden changes in your pet’s skin and/or hair coat can also signify a potential health issue; you should have your pet examined by your vet Animal Health Tips.


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