Weirdest Pets You Can Actually Own

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, cats and dogs probably come to mind. If you’re a little adventurous, you’ve probably considered a rat or a bird, but there are so many amazing choices!

Here are a few of the weirdest pets you can actually own.

Hissing cockroaches

The least likely pet to find its way into your home? It’s probably the cockroach, but surprisingly, they are more popular than you think. Why in the world would anyone want to share their home with one of this creepy crawlies on purpose?

According to a professional pet clinic, they are very docile, which means they’re easy to handle. They’re also extremely hardy, so you don’t have to worry about a child mishandling and injuring one of these critters.


You’re probably thinking that no amount of convincing will make you want to get a cockroach, but if you’re still interested in a weird pet, there are plenty of options. That includes the axolotl.

This little salamander originates from Mexico and lives its life in an aquarium. Unlike most sea creatures, they’re extremely adorable! They are also able to regenerate any part of their body, which is pretty cool, especially if you have another unique, and particularly feisty, the animal in the aquarium.


Caged critters aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for an animal that’s a little more cuddly, consider the skunk.

Wouldn’t sharing your home with a skunk make the house stink? Yes, it could, but only if you don’t have your critter deskunked! Just be prepared to chase your new pet around the house. These animals are extremely curious, and they have a childlike tenacity for getting into trouble.


Love rats, rabbits, and hamsters, but looking for something a little different? Consider the capybara! It’s the largest rodent in the world, but it also makes a pretty good companion.

These animals are very social and friendly, so you should plan to have more than one to get the best behavior from your new furry friend. They are also semi-aquatic, so make sure you have regular access to a pond or a lake if you want to own this critter.

No matter what kind of strange critter you choose, make sure you check the local laws. You may be required to hold an exotic animal license. For help, contact your local pet clinic.


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