Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Do you know whether your pet snake is a male or a female? In snakes, telling the difference between the sexes is not as easy as it is with many other types of animals. Both male and female snakes appear similar, but there are ways to tell the sexes apart. However, it will take a bit of experience to use any of these techniques because it can injure the snake if it’s not properly done.

Male snakes possess a paired sex organs called the “hemipenes”. The tube-like organs are normally situated inside the body just below the cloacal opening or vent and extend along the tail on each side of the snake’s midline. They are basically two small penises that are safely tucked inside the tail of the snake. The hemipenes is not present in female snakes.

The experienced eye will be able to tell whether a snake has a hemipenes because of visible cues such as the shape and length of the tail. The tail of male snakes appear thicker and longer and suddenly taper out to the tip. On the other hand, female snakes have thinner and shorter tails that tapers evenly to the tip. Learn more details visit here.


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