Tips For Dealing With Depressed Dogs

Tips For Dealing With Depressed Dogs

Dogs can suffer from depression, too. Like humans, depression in dogs can be due to a variety of causes including illness, grief, phobia, environmental changes, or even the pet owner’s disposition.

If your pet has been given a clean bill of health by your vet, it’s time to think of ways to make life fun again for your canine buddy. Start by taking more outdoor excursions with your dog and other activities that you and your pet will both enjoy. These are also great ways to bond with your dog. You can also consider taking him to the dog park or enroll him in doggie daycare; these are excellent opportunities to feed your pet’s social nature and encourage interaction with other dogs.

However, make sure not to “baby” your dog when he is depressed. Overdoing coddling or comforting your dog can reinforce the behavior. Your activities should be geared towards increasing your dog’s sense of security and boosting his self-confidence. For more detail visit to your veterinary clinic.


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