Best Canine Accessories for the Car

Many people avoid spending time with their dog in the car, and for good reason. The trouble is, taking your pet to the park, making an appointment with your vet, and even vacationing with your furry friend are all good for his physical and mental health.

You don’t have to avoid the car if you know what to bring with you! Here are a few of the very best things to bring with you when you go on a road trip with your dog.

A kennel or a doggy seatbelt

Most pet parents make the mistake of letting their dog jump into the backseat when it’s time to travel. This can cause many problems. First, your canine is likely to become a huge distraction. If you’re distracted, you increase your chances of getting into an accident. If you do get into a crash, your pooch could become a projectile, injuring you and himself as he flies through the windshield.

The solution is to confine your dog in a kennel. If you don’t like the idea of kenneling your pet, or the crate is too big to put in the car, try a doggy seatbelt.

Something to do

If your dog is confined in the car, he’s likely to get bored. He’s not suppose to put his head out the window, after all! Not having anything to do can make your pet anxious, so it’s a good idea to bring along something for him to do.

A chew toy is the easiest solution, but treat toys are good too. Even a favorite toy, like a rope toy or stuffed animal, can be enough to keep your furry friend entertained. If you’re going on a long trip, bring along more than one.

Bath wipes

Many people don’t like to travel with their dog because it can be so messy! From potty accidents to drooling and throwing up, your pet can really do a number on your car seats. If you spend time outdoors, mud and dirt could even be a problem. The solution? Bath wipes.

Pet-friendly bath wipes can quickly take care of messes on your pooch, but they can help clean your vehicle too.

You can make traveling with your dog even easier with a little professional advice. Just give your vet clinic a call and they can tell you more!


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