After-Care Tips For Dogs That Had Just Undergone Spay/Neuter Surgery

Dogs that have just been though surgery needs extra care to make them more comfortable as they recuperate. Here are some tips to remember when caring for a dog that has just been through spay or neuter surgery.

  • Place your dog in a quiet room that should be off limits to other pets and kids. It’s a good idea to remove beds, couches, and other furniture where your dog may fall off. Food and water bowls, a doggy bed, and puppy pads should be in the room. A bathroom is ideal for dogs that have just been through surgery because it’s easy to clean up if the dog vomits.

  • Cover the doggy bed with a puppy pad before placing a blanket over it. You can also place the doggy bed inside a plastic bag before placing the blanket. Placing some puppy pads near the doggy bed will also help contain urine or vomit which are common after-effects of anesthesia.

For some helpful tips, pay a visit to your veterinarian.


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