Potential Causes Of House Soiling Problems In Cats

Elimination problems in litter-box trained cats should be looked into as soon as possible. There are several reasons—health or behavior— why cats engage in the habit. Identifying the problem will go a long way in eliminating the behavior.


A cat with an underlying health problem may exhibit subtle changes in their appetite, thirst, and elimination. Cat parents must be observant enough to spot anything out of the ordinary because cats are notorious for concealing any signs of pain and/or discomfort. Any sign of illness should be brought to the attention of your veterinarian.

Litter box concerns

The fussiness of cats generally extends to their litter box. Any issue that a cat has with the litter box, may cause him to do his business somewhere else. Some important litter box concerns that should be considered include:

  • Location of the litter box—it must be in a part of the house with less noise and household traffic

  • Type of litter – cats hate any change, including the type of litter. Avoid switching litters if there are no issues related with the existing litter.

  • Litter box maintenance—cats are very particular about having a very clean and odor-free litter box.

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