Shedding In Bearded Dragons

Like other reptiles, bearded dragons shed off their skin as they grow. This is a natural physiological process. To keep up with the fast rate of growth, baby and juvenile beardies shed a lot more than their adult counterparts. Most adults shed just once or twice a year.

Before shedding, the skin of the bearded dragon turns dull and more grayish in color. And their eyes become slightly puffy. These changes are normal, and are considered indicators of a healthy shed cycle.

While your pet is shedding, make sure that they stay hydrated and clean. They will need to be given a regular bath with warm water. Misting of the enclosure should be also be done at least once a day. Keeping the humidity up can help speed up the shedding cycle. Never pull off the beardie’s loose skin because it can be painful; it can also cause damage to the new scales. Read more here.


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