Treatment Of Wet Tail In Hamsters

The only treatment regimen that can cure wet tail is a round of antibiotics and hydration. Without any treatment, infected hamsters will die. The disease is serious enough to kill sick hamsters within hours.

Once your pet has seen your veterinarian, strict hygiene and sanitation should be maintained in the home to prevent infecting other pets. Before placing the animal in a cage, make sure the cage has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected with boiling water and/or antibacterial cage cleaner. All beddings must be replaced, and food and water dishes should be washed thoroughly before feeding the hamster.

Quarantine the ill hamster, placing his cage away from where others are housed. Make sure that the cages are kept clean every day. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and change clothes each time you come into contact with the ill hamster. Wearing gloves is recommended when handling or feeding the hamster to prevent contamination. Place your pet’s cage in a quiet and comfortable part of your home, away from household traffic. And avoid exposing the hamster to direct sunlight. Pay a visit to your vet to know more.


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