Care Tips For A Newly Vaccinated Pet

Vaccination protects pets from specific serious medical problems. Puppies need to be taken to the vet at specific dates for shots against specific illnesses, until they receive the required number of doses that can give them adequate protection. Booster shots are usually given annually.

Fortunately, most pets don’t manifest any adverse reactions and won’t need any special care after vaccination. However, there are those that develop a mild adverse reaction and may appear lethargic for a day or two after vaccination. In most cases, this is fairly normal. The dog may not like to eat and just spend the day sleeping or resting. Some don’t like to be touched or handled because the injection site may still be sore. As you can see, this is similar to what many people experience after being vaccinated. To find out more, talk to your vet.

After-vaccination care tips for pets

  • Let him stay in a warm, cozy place that should be off limits to kids and other pets

  • Place his food bowl and water bowl within easy reach

  • Let your pet rest and avoid getting him excited

  • Keep  a close eye on your pet, just to make sure that he does not suffer from any adverse reactions


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