Gassiness In Dogs

Being in the same room with a dog suffering from bouts of flatulence is never enjoyable. Flatulence refers to the formation and release of gas from the stomach or intestine. While it’s a normal part of the physiological mechanism of the body, there are cases in which there is increased and excessive gas production. This can be due to a variety of causes, the most common of which is sudden change in the diet, or dietary indiscretion (eating spoiled food). In dogs, many cases of chronic flatulence are primarily caused by a diet that is poorly digested, leading to excessive fermentation and consequent formation of gas in the colon. Other possible causes of flatulence in dogs are high fat diets, spicy foods, milk products, beans, and peas. Dogs and cats that are lactose intolerant can have GI upset and flatulence after consuming milk or dairy products. While sporadic spells of flatulence may not be something to be worried about, chronic flatulence should be brought to the attention of your Animal Care veterinarian so the underlying cause can be identified and corrected.


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