Tips To Protect Your Dog From Blue-Green Algae Poisoning

Blue-green algae can be found in ponds or lakes. This type of algae is toxic to dogs so before letting your pet swim in any body of water, make sure to check the water for algal blooms floating on the surface. As little as 1-2 licks of the algae can be fatal for dogs.

Since many pet owners are unable to identify the specific algae that are present, not letting dogs near these bodies of water is a good way to prevent poisoning. It’s better to be careful about these things.

It is not only in lakes and other bodies of water that blue-green algae can be found. In homes, this fatal type of algae can be found in old empty fish tanks or containers that are left outside where they accumulate rain water and become an ideal place for algae to grow. Dogs that drink from these algae-filled containers may suffer from liver failure and die. Since the blue-green algae toxicity has a very poor prognosis, you should get your pet to your veterinarian ASAP if you suspect exposure to blue-green algae.


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