Important Signs Of Dental Disease In Cats

One of the important cornerstones of good health in cats is healthy teeth and gums.

Data from the American Veterinary Dental Society shows that almost 70% of cats start to show signs of tooth and gum problems by three years of age. Teeth and gums that are in bad shape can negatively impact the kidneys and heart of a cat; heart and kidney disease can have a profound effect on the quality of life of the animal.

Because cats are experts in concealing any signs of pain and discomfort, pet owners hardly have any clue that there is something wrong with their pet’s mouth is hurting until the oral disease is well advanced. Ask your vet Pets Health for more details.

Here are 5 signs than give you a clue about your pet’s condition:

  • Foul-smelling breath (halitosis) – It’s not normal for cats to have breath that smells fishy or rotten.

  • The cat is chewing only on one side of his mouth, or he may keep on dropping food while eating.

  • Decreased interest in food, even his favorite treat.

  • Won’t allow anyone to touch or pet his face or anywhere near the face because his mouth hurts

  • Excessive drooling


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