Tips That Support Your Efforts to Litter Train Your Rabbit

If you own a rabbit, you’ve probably heard that they can be litter trained. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. If your furry friend isn’t going potty where he should, you may be ready to throw in the towel.

Don’t give up yet! You just have to give a few of these tips a try.

Put some hay next to or inside the box

This is likely going to sound strange, but rabbits like to eat while they go to the bathroom. According to a professional pet clinic, they really like to have something to munch on all the time!

If the hay is too far from your rabbit’s box, he may not be interested in visiting it. To solve this problem, place a pile of hay right next to the box, or place the hay on top of the litter in the box. It may be just enough to tempt him to go potty where he should.

Follow your bunny’s lead

You may have the perfect place picked out for your bunny’s box, but it may not be the perfect place according to your rabbit. If he doesn’t like the placement of his litter box, he isn’t going to use it.

If you notice that your pet uses the same corner to go potty, try moving the box to that corner. You may find that he’s easier to litter train if you follow his lead.

Spay or neuter your rabbit

Having a hard time figuring out exactly where your rabbit likes to go potty because it seems like he’ll go potty anywhere? He’s probably marking his territory, much like a cat might spray couches and chairs.

If you’re struggling with litter training your bunny, consider having your pet spayed or neutered. It can greatly reduce your critter’s drive to mark his territory.

Understand that accidents happen

Cats can be trained to use the litter box 100 percent of the time. This isn’t usually the case with rabbits. Your bunny may accidentally go potty just outside the box, or he may decide that the box is too far away when he comes out to play.

To reduce accidents, place a mat underneath your rabbit’s box, and provide him with more than one so he always an easy place to go potty.

Your pet clinic can provide you with more tips.


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