Tips To Help Avoid Dog Bites

Ways To Prevent  Your Dog From Biting Someone.JPG

There’s really no guarantee that a dog won’t bite someone, but there are precautionary measures that can be observed to reduce the risk.

  • Spaying or neutering – Spayed or neutered dogs tend to be less aggressive and are much less likely to bite. A dog’s reproductive organs (ovaries in females and testes in males) produce sex hormones that are responsible for dominant behaviors and the desire to roam and look for mates.
  • Socialization – A dog that receives adequate socialization early in life tends to be less aggressive toward people because they have been exposed to various situations where they meet and interact with different types of people. A dog’s experiences during the period of socialization will prepare them to deal with various circumstances they may find themselves in when they’re older.

Obedience training – Dogs that undergo obedience training tend to have good manners and are well-disciplined. For more details about your pet visit your pet clinic.


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