Tips to Help Your Blind Pet

A dog or cat that is completely blind may display certain behaviors in their ability to cope up with their disability. With their owners’ help and support, it may take about a month for a completely blind pet to adjust to his loss of vision. During this time, avoid changing the layout of the dog’s immediate surroundings as he tries his best to memorize how things are arranged so he won’t keep bumping into them. This will also include his bed, crate, food, and water bowls, as well as litter box for cats.

Tips to improve a blind pet’s quality of life

  • Confine your visually-impaired pet to a small area as he gets his bearings. As he becomes more confident in moving around without bumping into things, gradually expand the area. Take note that it’s easier for a blind pet to memorize the layout of his immediate surroundings if he is allowed to get familiar with one area at a time, gradually adding to his mental map.
  • As much as possible, avoid even small changes in the general home layout. It’s also a good idea to pad the sharp edges of tables and furniture while your pet is still adjusting so he won’t get hurt when he bumps into them.

Consult your pets’ health care for additional details.


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