Grooming and Exercise Needs Of Pet Rabbits

A spacious hutch can provide pet rabbits lots of physical and mental stimulation. But if your pet rabbit is allowed indoors, make sure the rooms where he is allowed should be rabbit-proofed to prevent any unfortunate events. When rabbit-proofing the area, try getting down to a rabbit’s point of view and check for anything that rabbits can chew like electrical cords, carpet, curtains, shoes, ornaments, etc.

A large playpen can also be used for the purpose. You can transfer the pen anywhere that is safe and comfortable for the rabbit. A litter box inside the playpen will encourage your pet to do his business in it.


Rabbits are like cats when it comes to grooming because it is a part of their daily routine. While grooming, they can swallow considerable quantities of fur which can increase their risks of forming hairballs. Brushing your pet’s hair can remove loose hair before your Pets Health can ingest them.


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