Nutritionally Balanced Diet for Toy Dogs

Toy dogs have special dietary needs. Did you know that their small sizes and activity level require more calorie intake for each pound of body weight?

Dividing their daily food allocation into several small meals will help ensure efficient digestion and utilization considering that they have a small stomach. To maintain energy levels, meals must be given at regular intervals throughout the day.

The importance of a nutritionally balanced diet that is appropriate for your toy dog’s lifestage cannot be overemphasized. Buying premium quality pet food will help ensure that your pet’s needs for essential nutrients will be met adequately.

Pet owners tend to forget that fresh and clean water is an essential part of a dog’s diet. They should have easy access to drinking water at all times, especially when they’re on kibbles. Also, pregnant and lactating dogs will need more water. Visit their homepage for more Pet Health Tips.


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