Whiskers Of Cats – Built-In GPS

A cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. They are actually specialized hairs; each hair follicle contains many nerves that help the cat keep track of everything in his immediate surroundings. These nerve endings transmit impulses to the brain center for processing.

With the help of their whiskers, cats are able to determine space and distance, which are important in helping them assess their surroundings. Whiskers are very important in cats that suffer from vision problems.

The tips of a cat’s whiskers can detect vibrations in the environment. This is especially useful when the cat needs to have his bearings. They will also know if a person or animal is nearby with the aid of their whiskers.

There are also whiskers growing on the sides of the cat’s nose. These whiskers can help a cat evaluate whether an opening is big enough for him to pass through. To learn more, click here.


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