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Why Cats Love Catnip

Why Cats Love Catnip

Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is an herb from which a type of volatile oil can be extracted. The oil has a strong scent that diffuses into the surroundings when the leaves are crumpled or chewed. A cat’s extremely sensitive sense of smell can detect catnip oil even in saturation as low as 1 ppb (part per billion).

Catnip oil contains a chemical that can influence the cat’s brain. It has also been shown to exert a sedative-like effect, thus it has been used a natural therapy to calm people and pets.

When a cat inhales the scent of catnip oil, special olfactory organs send messages to the hypothalamus, where one of its important functions is to interpret taste and scent, resulting in manifestation of specific behaviors.


Does your Dog Love to Chase?

Does your Dog Love to Chaseh Some dogs love chasing people, cars, or other animals. These dogs should never be allowed to be off-leash. Running after something can expose a dog to potentially serious risks that can be life-threatening. Using a good method of restraint and being in control of your pooch on your outdoor excursions will help keep him from chasing anything that catches his interest.

A dog should be trained to keep attention

A well-trained pet is quick to notice and follow a command given by his owner. Pet owners should establish their dominance so the attention of their pet dog will remain focused on them.

Leash Training

Leash training is very important so pet owners will have full control of their dogs during walks or when bringing their pets to public places. Be quick to rein him in, and command him to sit using a firm voice. Let him stay in that position for a short time, before you continue walking. For more details visit the website.

Care Tips For Pregnant Cats

Care Tips For Pregnant CatsSome cat parents are often clueless on what to do when they notice their cat is pregnant. Understanding the changes that your pet kitty is undergoing should be made so you will be able to meet its needs adequately.

Pregnant cats need to be healthy and comfortable throughout its pregnancy.  Usually, a pregnant cat becomes more vocal, always meowing for attention. Divide your cat’s daily ration into several small meals given throughout the day. You will find that she is hungry most of the time, but avoid overfeeding because she can easily pile on the pounds. Excess weight may create pregnancy complications later on.

Cats that are about to give birth become listless and noisy. The nipples may also be swollen, in preparation for lactation. For more information contact your local pet care.

Costs to Consider When Adopting a Rabbit

If you want to adopt any pet, you have to think about how much time you have to care for it. You have to think carefully about whether the novelty of the animal will wear off, especially if a child is involved, and you have to consider if you have the space.

There’s something else you have to consider—cost.

Adopting a rabbit can cost more than you might think. Here are the common costs associated with owning one of these animals.

Adoption costs

If you’re lucky, you may be able to find your bunny for free! A professional veterinary clinic recommends checking the newspapers and websites, like Craigslist. But chances are, you’re going to have to wrestle with adoption fees.

If you adopt a bunny from a breeder, costs can be very high. If you want to keep costs low, visit the animal shelter. You can expect to pay upwards of $100 at the shelter, but you might be expected to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a purebred rabbit.

Housing costs

Housing costs can add up to over $100, but it does depend on your particular bunny.

Smaller animals will cost less to house than larger bunnies. That’s because small pets require smaller cages!

Look for a cage that provides your rabbit with plenty of space to play. Avoid cages with slatted bottoms and choose one with a solid base instead. It’s better for your pet’s foot health.

There’s a lot more to housing your pet than just the cage alone. You also have to buy food and water dishes, a nesting box, things to chew on, food, and hay. Your furry new friend would also appreciate a few toys and tunnels as well.

Veterinary costs

It’s important to prepare for the initial costs of adopting a rabbit, but you also have to think long-term. Because bunnies can live over a decade, annual appointments with your veterinary clinic can ensure your pet stays in good health.

As your rabbit ages, he’ll need even more attention. It isn’t uncommon for their eyesight to decline, or for them to develop arthritis.

Don’t let your new furry friend end up in the animal shelter because you realize you can’t afford to keep him! Plan ahead for these costs and you can ensure your family can afford to make a lifetime commitment.

Defining the Line Between Punishment and Correction in Dogs

A person shaking a finger at a Basset Hound dog with a guilty expression

When training a dog, punishment should never be an option. A better way to address an undesirable behavior displayed by a dog is by correction. It involves issuing a command of disapproval while an undesirable behavior is being done, about to be done or right after it is done. Pet owners should always keep in mind that there is a very thin line that divides punishment and correction. It’s very thin, but it’s there, and should be clearly defined.

Punishing your pet dog for a potty accident committed while you were not around will only confuse him and eventually fray the bond between you and your pet. Even if you see him committing an undesirable behavior, punishment is not an option and should never be practiced. Punishment can set back a dog that is under training a few weeks back, and this is surely a waste of time and effort. For more details click here-

Neutering Male Cats

Neutering Male CatsIf you have no plans to produce kittens, neutering your male kitten is highly recommended during the early months of life; it is best performed when the male cat is between 3-6 months of age. Neutering is much easier to perform when the kitten is still very young; it is also less complicated. The procedure involves the removal of both testes. It is a minor surgical procedure that involves making an incision over each testicle so they can be removed. It has been shown to significantly lower or altogether prevent an occurrence of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, or an enlarged prostate. Since the male hormone, testosterone, is synthesized in the testes, neutering can eliminate the display of distinct behavior characteristics of male cats like straying, aggressive behavior, or spray marking to claim territory. Don’t hesitate to talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions and/or concerns about neutering and other issues.

Important Reasons Why Your Cat Should NOT Be Declawed

Important Reasons Why Your Cat Should NOT Be DeclawedDeclawing is a permanent surgical procedure to remove the claws of cats. But why do many owners still consider having their cats declawed? These are actually those who think that this is the best way to deal with their cats’ scratching behavior. But scratching is a normal feline instinct, and the best way to protect your valuable thing is to install ‘legitimate’ scratching spots for your kitty. There are so many types of scratching posts and scratching pads that you can choose from. Take note that declawing is a non-reversible procedure. Thus, this procedure should not be taken lightly. Make sure you talk to your veterinarian and discuss other viable options, as well as exhaustively weighed all the pros and cons. Declawing is NOT nail trimming or just the removal of a part of a claw. The procedure involves amputation of the first joint of each of the cat’s toes. And cats that are declawed suffer from extreme pain and discomfort for days and even weeks afterward. They need their claws for protection, climbing, and other natural kitty behavior.