Combatting Fleas In Non-Toxic Ways

Combatting Fleas In Non-Toxic Ways

Flea products contain ingredients that may be toxic to pets especially if dosing and instruction for their use are not followed. Fortunately, there are non-toxic ways to battle fleas. One is by steam-cleaning carpets; it may be quite expensive but it’s an effective way to kill flea eggs.

Another is by using a natural flea-control shampoo for your pet, such as one that contains d-limonene, but make sure it’s formulated specifically for dogs.

If your pet likes hanging out in a sandy or bare spot in the yard, cover the spot every now and then with a heavy black plastic sheet during a hot, sunny day. As heat builds up under the plastic, fleas and larvae are killed. But this idea is not recommended if you want to preserve live grass or plants. Spreading agricultural lime on moist areas or grassy spots can help dry out the fleas. Just make sure to rake up any debris and dead leaves first before application. Learn more here.

Tips To Make Your Blind Dog Adjust And Stay Safe

Tips To Make Your Blind Dog Adjust And Stay Safe

Fortunately, most dogs don’t have any problems adjusting to a life without their sense of sight. Here are ways that you can do to help your dog adjust and maintain a good quality of life:

  • Water and food bowls should remain in the same location as when before your dog had vision problems.
  • Check your pet’s immediate environment for potential hazards that can be in your dog’s way.
  • Avoid re-arranging furniture or placing objects in places where your dog passes. If there is really a need to rearrange furniture, it’s a good idea to acquaint your dog to the change by walking him through the area on a leash.
  • Stairs and other off-limit areas should be blocked off or barricaded to prevent your dog from getting into the area and falling or getting hurt.
  • A dog that has recently gone blind may be afraid to use the stairs. Boost his confidence by walking by his side up and down the stairs while he is on a leash.
  • When your dog is home alone, it’s a good idea to keep inside a crate to keep him safe and comfortable.

Contact your animal health care for more information.

How Do You Know If A Bearded Dragon Is Stressed?

How Do You Know If A Bearded Dragon Is Stressed

Being exposed to certain factors in their immediate environment can cause stress in many types of pet reptiles. Stress can become a potent fuel for display of undesirable behavior. Being quick to spot signs that indicate your pet is under stress is very important so measures can be undertaken to address the problem.

Bearded dragons that are stressed can engage in glass surfing or glass dancing. It’s when they appear to be rubbing their belly on the glass walls while paddling their feet. Their skin also takes on a dark coloration or turns black. If you notice that your beardie’s beard has turned black, try to think about potential stressors that your pet has been exposed to recently. Some important stressors that can affect beardies include being moved to a new tank, the arrival of a new beardie, change in the location of their enclosure, or when their human leaves home for a few days. For more details visit your vets care.

How Hamsters Get Fat

Unfortunately, overweight dogs and cats aren’t uncommon. But hamsters? It seems strange that these tiny little creatures could have such a problem with their weight too!

Here’s how your pet could be putting on extra weight, according to a professional vet.

Poor diet

The first place you want to look is your pet’s diet. What are you feeding your hamster?

When it comes to dogs and cats, extra weight is usually a problem because their owners feed them human food, but you aren’t likely to give your hamster lunch meat, pizza, or ice cream. How in the world is he getting fat then?

Just because you get your hammy’s food at the pet store doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A lot of hamster food at the store contains seeds and nuts that can make him overweight.

The best way to keep your pet at a healthy weight is to feed him basic pellets that are developed just for hamsters. Avoid mixed food. Although your critter loves the seeds, nuts, and snacks that come in these bags, he’s likely to pick through his food and eat what he likes the best, leaving the healthiest bits behind.

That doesn’t mean your hamster can’t have a snack every once in a while! Give your critter fresh fruit, vegetables, and nuts just once every day or two to keep him at a healthy weight.

Not enough exercise

Think you’re feeding your hamster properly, but he’s still putting on weight? He probably isn’t getting enough exercise.

First, take a look at his cage. Does he have enough room to walk, run, and explore? If he has a small aquarium or wire cage without any tubes, he probably spends more time sitting around than walking.

This is especially the case if your hamster doesn’t have a running wheel. Or, maybe he has one that he doesn’t use. Purchase different styles until you find one that your furry little friend actually likes.

How much time does your critter get outside the cage? He needs to come out and play in order to stay trim! Build a box full of fun items he can explore, or get a hamster ball and let your pet run around the house.

Still having trouble getting your hamster to lose weight? You might need a little extra help from your vet, so should give them a call.

Best Canine Accessories for the Car

Many people avoid spending time with their dog in the car, and for good reason. The trouble is, taking your pet to the park, making an appointment with your vet, and even vacationing with your furry friend are all good for his physical and mental health.

You don’t have to avoid the car if you know what to bring with you! Here are a few of the very best things to bring with you when you go on a road trip with your dog.

A kennel or a doggy seatbelt

Most pet parents make the mistake of letting their dog jump into the backseat when it’s time to travel. This can cause many problems. First, your canine is likely to become a huge distraction. If you’re distracted, you increase your chances of getting into an accident. If you do get into a crash, your pooch could become a projectile, injuring you and himself as he flies through the windshield.

The solution is to confine your dog in a kennel. If you don’t like the idea of kenneling your pet, or the crate is too big to put in the car, try a doggy seatbelt.

Something to do

If your dog is confined in the car, he’s likely to get bored. He’s not suppose to put his head out the window, after all! Not having anything to do can make your pet anxious, so it’s a good idea to bring along something for him to do.

A chew toy is the easiest solution, but treat toys are good too. Even a favorite toy, like a rope toy or stuffed animal, can be enough to keep your furry friend entertained. If you’re going on a long trip, bring along more than one.

Bath wipes

Many people don’t like to travel with their dog because it can be so messy! From potty accidents to drooling and throwing up, your pet can really do a number on your car seats. If you spend time outdoors, mud and dirt could even be a problem. The solution? Bath wipes.

Pet-friendly bath wipes can quickly take care of messes on your pooch, but they can help clean your vehicle too.

You can make traveling with your dog even easier with a little professional advice. Just give your vet clinic a call and they can tell you more!

Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Sexing Snakes Based On The Appearance Of The Tail

Do you know whether your pet snake is a male or a female? In snakes, telling the difference between the sexes is not as easy as it is with many other types of animals. Both male and female snakes appear similar, but there are ways to tell the sexes apart. However, it will take a bit of experience to use any of these techniques because it can injure the snake if it’s not properly done.

Male snakes possess a paired sex organs called the “hemipenes”. The tube-like organs are normally situated inside the body just below the cloacal opening or vent and extend along the tail on each side of the snake’s midline. They are basically two small penises that are safely tucked inside the tail of the snake. The hemipenes is not present in female snakes.

The experienced eye will be able to tell whether a snake has a hemipenes because of visible cues such as the shape and length of the tail. The tail of male snakes appear thicker and longer and suddenly taper out to the tip. On the other hand, female snakes have thinner and shorter tails that tapers evenly to the tip. Learn more details visit here.

My Dog Had An Encounter With A Skunk


My Dog Had An Encounter With A Skunk

Skunks usually go on their business without any problem, but they can be forced to spray at animals or humans if they feel threatened or when they’re provoked. In addition to undesirable skunk odor and possibly caustic effects, if the substance has entered the dog’s eyes, there are other things that you should check out for.


When cornered and provoked, skunks can spray and use their sharp teeth and claws on the perceived enemy. So, make sure to check your dog for bites and lacerations after an encounter with a skunk. If you spot any wounds, it’s a good idea to see your veterinarian. Even if it’s only a small wound, don’t be fooled. It may only be the “tip of the iceberg”. Bite wounds can do a lot of damage to the skin, and if it’s left untreated, it can create a perfect environment for the development of an abscess in a few days. Take note that skunks are also potential carriers of the rabies virus. Learn more visit here.